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We want you to feel that you have found an unparalleled value here at Internet-of-the-Mind.com so we keep adding valuable content. Your Serenity Cafe Membership will always contain an abundance of tools, technologies, and resources to help you accomplish your goals and find peace of mind. In fact, since you are here reading this, you may not yet know we have a brand new home for Premium and Lifetime Members of the Serenity Cafe! If so, Contact Us for your new login information to get into the new site.

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The Serenity Cafe Academy

We are constantly growing and exploring new ways of delivering the best, most organized and effective tools for your use possible. We have discovered a training platform that lets us do just that without having to leave internet-of-the-mind.com! We call it Serenity Cafe Academy.

It is our goal to create well over 100 courses and traingings of our own on the Academy. But we are also going to invite other trainers to share their work at the Serenity Cafe Academy. In fact if you are a trainer and have some ideas for courses that fit with what we are providing to our members I would like to hear from you!

As of the time I am writing this we have 8 courses at the Academy, two free courses and six courses rangeing from $17 USD to $37 USD. And the answer is Yes! Serenity Cafe Lifetime Members get them for free as parft of your membership.

If you are reading this right now, You are a Charter member of the Serenity Cafe Lifetime Membership! As such, you will never have to pay for another membership or product aside from shipping and handling for any physical products you may want to order (i.e., Print books, DVDs and Compact Discs.) You have access to all Serenity Cafe Academy courses within your membership for free, but if you would like to use the Academy platform, you can do that too for a one-time $10.00 administrative fee. If you have any friends who may want to get in please let them know.

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