Thawing Childhood Abandonment Software App

I have been experimenting with lots of technologies to see which ones would be the best for delivery of content to members here at the Cafe'. I found that people like to consume content on the Internet in a number of ways: Websites, Mobile Apps, Tablets, and Software to name a few. Desktop Software Apps are one of my most recent ventures into content delivery.

I will be putting many of these little gems up for you to download. During the holidays I am sure we can create some fun and festive apps! They only have one limitation and that's on me... Currently I am only able to build applications for Microsoft Windows PCs. (I will evenually learn the art of building Apps for Apple Devices, but for now if you have a Mac that runs Parallels Desktop for Mac you can use these apps too.) Please let me know if you know of another plugin or workaround for the Windows/Apple situation.

Click Below for More Serenity Cafe Desktop Apps

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