Chill Hypnosis Series Previews

The Chill Hypnosis Series because is designed and performed by some of my favorite guest contributors to Serenity Creations eStore: Alison Petrie and Glenn Heaton of the Chill Sessions. Glenn and I have worked together for years producing therapy products for visitors to Serenity Creations eStore. Glenn and his primary partner Geoff own and operate the Chill Sessions in addition to producing music and tracks for Hollywood productions and others.

Relax With These Hypnosis Previews

Guided Imagery Downloads

Download the Entire Set: The Chill Hypnosis Series MP3s include sessions for various topics such as self-confidence, stress management, visualization, and meditation. These tracks are designed to pace and lead the mind into a state of relaxation and foucs often referred to as trance or hypnosis. By guiding and encouraging a trance state, the programs help us to bypass the critical voices in our conscious mind and deliver suggestions strait to the subconscious mind.

As with most of our brainwave entrainment, relaxation, meditation and hypnosis series, listeners can relax and let the audio do what it does. But if you are one who needs to be "doing" something with your thoughts as the audio plays, then dwelling on a visualization of the outcome that you want or repeating your preferred conscious affirmations is suggested, but totally optional. Below are samples and previews of the tracks available in this part of the series.

If you do decide to repeat affirmations or run a visualization, remember, "You cannot dwell on one thing while trying to create another - Emmet Fox" So before listening, take a moment to develop your affirmations and visualization of how you look, sound, and feel when those resources are active. Make sure these affrimations and visualizaions are as vivid and real as you can (Intensity) and be sure they are relevant to the session you are using. Then listen to the programs you selected at least 4 to 5 times a week for 3 to 4 weeks while mentally rehearsing this visualization 'as if' you already have what you seek.

  • New Ecourse: How to Use Guided Imagery for self-hypnosis and reprogramming your subconscious mind. These programs require developing a "Safe container" for doing Inner Child work. If one is not safe then our subconscious defenses are not going to cooperate with our efforts at accessing and healing the original wounds of abandonment or the infection of toxic shame. Learn tips for reprogramming, the Art of Visualization, How to use Audios for reprogramming, and How to create and use Powerful Affirmations. Plus you get FOUR guided imagery collections, including this one, to practice your new skills.

    Guided Imagery Ecourse
    How to Use These Tracks for Mental Programming

    The Chill Hypnosis Series Previews

    Alison is a certified hypnotist who uses her skills to create healing hypnosis sessions. She has worked not only with Glenn at the Chill Sessions, but also with my friends at Uncommon Knowledge in the UK. Having guest contributors helps to overcome the fact that what works for one person does not always work for everyone. Alison helps us achieve a variety of choices. Besides the fact that she and Glenn are great people to be working with.

    By downloading these MP3 files you can listen on your your MP3 Player and other mobile devices without having to stream from the internet. You will also be able to use your earbuds or headphones. Use them while you workout and to help you get to sleep at night! To preview any of the Chill Series titles, just click on the images and links below

    Preview the Stress Buster MP3
    (Headphones Recommended)

    Ego State Download
    Stress Buster MP3:
    This Chill Hypnosis Series session features guest contributor to Serenity Creations eStore, Alison Petrie with my friends Glenn and Geoff at the Chill Sessions. This is a 10 minute program that can change the course of your whole day! It is best to listen once in the morning after you wake up and then right before bedtime for daily 3 to 4 weeks.

    Preview the Sleep Induction MP3
    (Headphones Recommended)

    Ego State Download

    Sleep Induction MP3:
    Preview this Chill Hypnosis Series MP3 designed to improve Sleep cycles. Listen as Alison takes you through a guided visualization to induce sleep by preparing the body for sleep after a busy day.

    Preview the Intro to Meditation MP3
    (Headphones Recommended)

    Ego State Download
    Intro to Meditation MP3:
    Serenity Creations eStore presents The Intro to Meditation Session featuring guest contributor, Alison Petrie. Listen as Alison introduces you to the philosophy and benefits of meditation before showing you with a brief experience of a meditative state.

    Preview the Five Minute Focus MP3
    (Headphones Recommended)

    Ego State Download
    Five Minute Focus MP3:
    Listen as Alison takes you through a brief, five minute technique you can do to really focus on the task at hand. Remember that intensity and repetition (i.e. practice) helps. It is best to listen once in the morning after you wake up and then right before bedtime for daily 3 to 4 weeks.

    Preview the Centering Exercises MP3
    (Headphones Recommended)

    Ego State Download Centering Exercises MP3: Many people who grew up in less-than-nurturing families developed the ability to drift out of the now and off into a detached and disconnected state. While this may have been useful during certain times when chaos ruled the household, it is no longer helpful when it becomes automatic and involuntary. Listen to this Chill Hypnosis session as Alison teaches grounding and centering exercises to be able to stay grounded in the moment. Remember that intensity and repetition (i.e. practice) helps.

    Preview the Body Relaxation MP3
    (Headphones Recommended)

    Ego State Download Body Relaxation MP3: Listen as Alison takes you through a progressive muscle relaxation exercise for the body. This is indirectly teaching the subconscious mind how to relax when it is more familiar with a constant state of stress. When the subconscious mind experiences relaxation it will tend to produce more of it when needed because the mind tends to choose the best of two options. Remember that intensity and repetition (i.e. practice) helps. How healthy can you look, sound, and feel with peace and relaxation in your life?

    Preview the Beach Visualization MP3
    (Headphones Recommended)

    Ego State Download Beach Visualization MP3: The Beach Visualization Session features guest contributor to Serenity Creations eStore, Alison Petrie. This is a guided imagery for relaxation and it can be a skill you learn that allows you to take a mental vacation even in the midst of stress and busyness. Many people are surprised to discover just how many benefits come with the ability to switch off stress and switch on relaxation.

    Preview the Reduce Anxiety MP3

    Ego State Download
    Reduce Anxiety MP3:
    Listen as Alison take you through a hypnotic experience complete with suggestions on how to live without anxiety unless needed. Remember to listen at least 4 times a week and daily if possible. Once in the morning upon waking and again just before drifting off to sleep at night.

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