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The Serenity Cafe' is the place to come to find free hypnosis programs for many purposes. It is my intention to make these tools available to as many people as possible. Listen for free if times are tough, or download to carry with you on your IPod or MP3 player. Please consider a donation to help us make these resources available to as many people as possible - your contributions also tell us we are providing useful content to our visitors.

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How to Use Audios for Mental Programming

Practicing hypnosis is one of the easiest things in the world to do because we all go into a "trance" naturally several times a day -- so we've already had lots of practice. How many times have you been in a long workshop or seminar and realized you missed big chunks of what's been said. Or have driven a hundred miles and realized you don't remember the trip?

How many times have you "forgotten" to stop by the store on your way home only to remember when you pulled into your driveway -- because your awareness was focused on something else? We call it "zoning out" -- but its really an example of a naturalistic trance-state because your subconscious mind takes over as your conscious mind drifts off somewhere else.

The free hypnosis programs previews below work very much the same way -- except here we go into a trance-state on purpose. If you "want it to happen & just let it happen", you can go deeper and deeper each time you listen. The programs are designed to help access and strengthen internal resources to deal effectively with difficult people.

Sometimes the difficult person exists in our outer world and sometimes it is an internalized critical personality from our past that haunts us. Either way the Dealing with Difficult People free hypnosis programs below are designed to help no matter if the difficult person is internal or external to you. Allow your imagination to guide you as you listen as this will increase the intensity of the experience. Add repetition to the exercise by listening three to four times per week for at least three to four weeks.

Preview the Guilt Tripper MP3
(Headphones Recommended)

The Guilt Tripper free hypnosis program explains the mechanisms which make guilt tripping so effective. Calmness & objectivity are necessary, so the induction is devoted to eliciting a deep state of focused relaxation. New ways of see & responding to this emotional manipulation are then hypnotically rehearsed and embedded. Length: 34 minutes

Preview the Negative Critic MP3
(Headphones Recommended)

The pre-talk in the Negative Critic free hypnosis program explains negative feedback of various kinds, shows why negative criticism has such a destructive effect and is used as the basis for mental rehearsal of a new detached approach to negative criticism. A healthy new approach to negativity empowers the individual as they set & reinforce healthy boundaries. Length: 30 minutes

Preview the Moody Person MP3
(Headphones Recommended)

The Moody Person free hypnosis program has been written with a pre-session talk that looks at what can lie behind moody behavior and that the responsibility lies with the person who has the mood swings. A restful induction offers a perfect opportunity to get away from the stress of such a relationship and open up a new perspective. Length: approx 35 minutes

Preview the Verbal Self Defense MP3
(Headphones Recommended)

Some people take positive delight in ripping others to shreds. The Verbal Self Defense free hypnosis program has been created to help anyone improve their ability to protect themselves from verbal aggression. The pre-session talk lays out some simple ground rules that will make verbal aggression easier to deal with. Length: 25 minutes

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