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Question: Do recorded hypnosis sessions work?

Answer: If you think of free hypnosis online programs and other techniques as "tools" then you can begin to see why the answer is...

no, they don't work...

How many times have you walked out to your garage and found your tools changing the oil in your car all by themselves?

And how many times have you changed the oil in your car without any tools? That's can't be done without the right tools. Furthermore, one needs to develop some skill in using the tools in order to do it right.

Developing skill takes practice (repetition) -- the more you practice the better you get. Practicing hypnosis is one of the easiest things in the world to do because we all go into a "trance" naturally several times daily -- so we've already had lots of practice.

How many times have you been in a boring seminar and realized you missed big chunks of what's been said. We call it "zoning out" -- but its very similar to "trance" because your subconscious mind takes over and focuses your awareness on something else.

How many times have you driven to work and not remembered any of the trip -- because your awareness was focused on something else? How many times have you "forgotten" to stop by the store on your way home only to remember when you pulled into your driveway -- because your awareness was focused on something else?

These free hypnosis online programs work very much the same way -- except here we focus internally on purpose. Just as when you "zone out" in other situations you remain aware of what you ARE focusing on. We can be oblivious to things going on around us while acutely aware of our internal experience.

If you allow yourself, you can go deeper and deeper each time you listen. Each of these programs begin the exactly the same way for a reason -- to create an "anchor" so the subconscious mind recognizes it as a cue to trigger the relaxation response. (more repetition)

These programs work best with the cooperative and motivated listener because the intensity of the experience is stronger in such cases. Add repetition to the exercise by listening 3 to 4 times per week for 4 to 6 weeks for significant, noticeable improvement.

Let your imagination take over and don't try to hard -- a vivid imagination increases the intensity of the experience and the learning.

Listening Instructions

Just click on any of the items below to listen now for free directly from your browser. (Headphones are recommended to enhance and intensify your experience)...Or...

The Emotional Regulation Series

The Emotional Regulation Series above is a set of free hypnosis online programs designed to help the listener improve emotional coping skills. Each program utilizes a blend of techniques from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), self-hypnosis, and guided imagery to go right to the location of the needed change -- the neural networks of the subconscious mind.

NLP New Behavior Generators (NBG)

The New Behavior Generator (NBG) free hypnosis online series is based upon an NLP technique of the same name created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. It's important to listen to the NBG Introduction before listening to the other NBG programs until you have heard the introduction several times.

It works under the presupposition that the unconscious mind has "recorded" (or encoded) the nuances and mannerisms of an admired person and, with repetition and/or intensity (i.e., PRACTICE), can help make their skills available for use by the listener. Another term for this in NLP is Modeling. Hypnotic features are added to help access the necessary unconscious processes.

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