Meet Don Carter, MSW, LCSW

Don Carter MSW, LCSW has been in private practice as a psychotherapist for over 30 years during which time he has been employed at several mental health agencies around Mid-Missouri. He is also an author who has published six books, including the four books in his Thawing the Iceberg Series.

Professional Experience

Currently, in addition to his practice, Don is a Behavioral Health Consultant at the Community Health Center in Jefferson City, MO. During the eight years prior to going solo, Don managed the Behavioral Health Checmical Dependency Program at Capital Region Medical Center in Jefferson City, MO. While Don's primary specialties include addictions, codependency, and Adult/Child Syndrome, he also has extensive experience providing therapy for...

  • Alcoholism & Other Addictions
  • Codependency & Adult/Child Syndrome
  • Depression and Anxiety Disorders
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD
  • Attention Deficit Disorder - ADHD and ADD
  • Dissociative Disorders
  • Relationship problems.
Don has worked in all settings including outpatient, day treatment, and inpatient hospitalization. He is a graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia, School of Social Work where he received a Bachelors (BSW) and Masters (MSW) Degrees in the early 1990's. In addition to this website, Don has also built the new Serenity Cafe Academy in which he has already authored and personally oversees six online courses. He plans to write more books and create more Ecourses on a regular basis, some of which you will find in the Academy, others freely available on this website, and still more on the Serenity Cafe Premium Membership.

Professional Credentials & Organizations

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) State of Missouri.
  • Member of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH)
  • Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner (C.NLP)

Personal Experience

I'm sure I am a counselor today because that's what God planned for my life. I believe the things I've experienced have made me better able to understand my clients. I grew up in a family where depression, rage, abuse and suicide were the norm.

But no family dysfunctions all the time... There were also times of closeness and love. I lost my mother to suicide when I was 18 years old and began a ten year addiction to alcohol and pot shortly afterward.

By the time I was 29 years old I was ready to go the same route as mom. The only thing that stopped me was a promise I'd made to myself that I would never put a child of mine through that - I had two kids at the time... 3 and 5 years old... so I checked into a treatment center for my addictions in 1986.

That was 22 years ago and my life has been an incredible journey since then. By the grace of God I have been able to remain sober, completed two degree programs, have had the privilege of helping hundreds of adults, adolescents, and families get what they needed, and have experienced a connection with God I have never thought possible.

Don't get me wrong... It's not always been easy and I've chosen to return for more therapy several times over the years. I lost two younger siblings in the 1990's - one to AIDS and the other to suicide. My first marriage did not survive the addictions... I was divorced two years after I got sober.

Even though hard things in life still happen... I can get through those times in healthy ways now. My passion is helping others find what I have found in life... I've made it my business to learn everything I can that will help me be the best helper I can be. My recovery has been like peeling an layer uncovers another...but each layer off has been extremely liberating!

Meet My Partner

Angie Carter

This is my wife, Angie. She's also a counselor. Angie and I have been married since 1999. Angie is a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor (CRADC). She is also certified by the Dept. of Transportation as a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP).

We love being able to work together and pursue our own dreams while helping others to do the same. Angie loves gardening, reading and photography.

Angie Carter, CRADC, SAP

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