Controlling the Subconscious Mind

Controlling the subconscious mind is not something that can be done with force or coercion. Here's an example of what happens when you try to use conscious willpower to "make" your subconscious mind do something...

You may remember times when you studied hard for an important test or exam and you were sure that you knew the material well. But when the time came the only thing more blank than the test sheet was your mind.

Controlling the Subconscious Mind

The harder you tried to remember the answers, the worse it became...and to top it off, after the test was over, and the pressure was off, the answers came flooding back to you!

Controlling the subconscious mind with force is a mistake because the act of consciously applying willpower sends signals of struggle to the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind takes its cues from the messages sent by the conscious mind -- and it makes the struggle real by creating resistance.

Tips for Programming the Subconscious Mind:

There is a proverb in the Bible -- As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is. Looking at this proverb closely reveals an important lesson about controlling the subconscious mind -- "Thinking" is a cognitive activity that takes place in the brain... "Heart" is associated with emotions... However, the true origin of emotions is also in the brain (limbic system, aka emotional brain).

The subconscious mind reads not only our thoughts, but also our emotions. If these two are congruent, then the subconscious mind accepts the idea or thought as true...It matters not whether it's a positive thought or a negative thought, the subconscious mind doesn't know the difference. What matters most is that the thoughts, including mental images, and emotions are all in alignment -- this sets the subconscious mind into action to make our ideas happen.

In the case of "brain-lock" (aka, test anxiety) above, fear of not doing well on the test, coupled with the thoughts that go with the fear... such as "I must not fail this test!" or "Ohmigosh, I'm blowing it!"...along with mental images of a big red "F" running through the mind sends an expectation of doing poorly to the subconscious mind...which then complies with the idea (thoughts & feelings) of doing poorly by making it so.

Controlling the subconscious mind through the use of willpower makes matters worse because trying to remember" sends a message to the subconscious mind that remembering is a struggle...and makes it so! The harder you try to remember, the more resistance you create. Then, when the pressure is off, the answers become easily available to you now.

Key Point: So controlling the subconscious mind has nothing to do with force or fact, its just the opposite. It's a matter of calm, confident, and congruent thoughts, images, and feelings being consciously created and held onto with feelings of positive expectancy and focused on what you want, not what you don't want.

In this case, controlling the subconscious mind is called programming and sometimes re-programming (when negative programming is dominant).

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Programs for Controlling the Subconscious Mind:

The programs below are approximately twenty minutes long. They consist of spoken words and background music for the first half designed to facilitate a moderately relaxed state. The second 10 minutes or so is just music with no spoken words.

You can use these to help with something called mental programming (aka self-hypnosis). The relaxed state is important because it allows easier access to the subconscious mind by helping the conscious mind to become somewhat drowsy and less active.

Note: Use the programming tips below the player to develop an idea or an image of something you want, or something you want more of. Then, as you listen to the program, when the spoken word stops begin to visualize, hear, and feel the desired idea as if you are actually there and experiencing it.

© Don Carter MSW, LCSW

Also... These programs may induce a state of sleep. Look at the clock before you begin and make a mental note to your unconscious mind to re-alert you at a certain time. (Or just set an alarm if you'd rather) The programs last approximately 20 minutes each.

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