Thawing Adult-Child Syndrome

By Don Carter, MSW, LCSW

Thawing Adult Child Syndrome, is a "here-and-now" focused, systematic approach for identifying and healing the subconscious programming or "Life Script" of one who grew up in a less-than-nurturing family. If you have found yourself repeating dysfunctional patterns that has cause problems in your life and relationships -- and then wonder "Why do I do that?" or "Why am I like this?" -- you are likely to experiencing habitual subconscious programming that has been referred to as Adult-Child Syndrome.

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Thawing Adult Child SyndromePart of the Thawing the Iceberg Series

Thawing Adult Child Syndrome, is a "here-and-now" focused approach for healing the subconscious programming of one who grew up in a less-than-nurturing family. If you repeat dysfunctional patterns that cause problems and then wonder "Why do I do that?" or "Why am I like this?" you need this book!

Thawing Adult Child Syndrome focuses in on the "here-and-now" symptoms of dysfunction in our adult life and relationships caused by our subconscious programming. This insight-oriented program helps bring one's "Inner Family of Self" & "Life Script" to the surface so that appropriate changes can be made.

Thawing Adult Child Syndrome helps heal your relationship with yourself. Based upon the idea that "One cannot have a healthy relationship with others until they first develop a healthy relationship with themselves", I highly recommend completing Thawing Adult Child Syndrome and following that up with Thawing your Relationships.

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All Books in the Series Include the Iceberg Model (the first 5 Chapters)

  • Chapter 1: "What the hell is wrong with you?" (p.4) Motivation, Dependency Needs, Iceberg Model
  • Chapter 2: Anatomy of an Emotional Wound (p.16) Abandonment, Shame, & Contempt - False Self
  • Chapter 3: The Art of Survival (p.28) External Focus, Impression Management - Invented Self
  • Chapter 4: Who am I Really? (p.36) Imperfect World & Spirituality - True Self
  • Chapter 5: Distractions & Dependencies (p.40) Addictions, Obsessions/Compulsions, and Other Issues
  • Workbook Introduction An Overview of Program Contents
  • From Section 1.1: The Wound of Abandonment (p.49) Exploring the original Abandonment & Shame of Childhood
  • From Section 1.3: The Scab of Contempt (p.56) Characteristics and Functions of Internalizing & Externalizing Contempt
  • From Section 1.4.x: Introducing the Wounded Inner Children (p.63) The Wounding of the Child-Created Ego-States
  • From Section 2.2.x: The Five Drivers & the Safety Net (p.75) Feeling "Ok" by Obeying Inner Mandates from Childhood
  • From Section 2.3.x: "Scripty Feelings" & The Ok Corral (p.81) Exploring the Emotional Cycles of Abandonment, Shame, & Contempt
  • From Section 2.3.x: Compound Decisions & Contamination (p.92) Compound Decision Worksheet & Contamination of the Adult Ego-State
  • From Section 2.5.x: Drivers & the Mini-Script Process (p.82) Summary of Drivers, Mini-Scripts & "Allowers"; Intro to Script Elements
  • From Section 3.1.x: Framework for Adult/Child Recovery (p.132) Guidelines and requirements for Thawing Adult-Child Syndrome
  • From Appendix A: Hero's Journey & the Figure-8 Journaling Process (p.154) Hero's Journey Outline & the Figure-8 Worksheets

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